Facts About The Big Bend National Park


The big bend national park is basically in the crook of Rio Grande and snakes its way in between Mexico and United States. This is basically a park that has approximately 800,000 acres in size and is located in the Texas’ southwest corner and about 500 miles from Austin. The Big Bend National Park is also described as one of the biggest parks in the world. This because there are deserts, rivers, and mountains in this very huge park. Also, this park has the distinction of being one of the largest protected area in America. Here’s a good read about Trek Southwest, check it out!

The Chihuahuan Desert is also included in the park which makes it another protected area although there aren’t a lot of people who knows about it. Also, the majority of this desert’s vast expanse is located in Mexico. The reason why this is a protected area is due to the fact that the plant diversity and animal diversity in this deserts is more prominent compared to other desert landscapes out there. This includes a total of 318 cactus plant varieties. For this reason, the Big Bend National Park is being treated a very important asset for the environment and nature. Read more great facts on Big Bend National Park, click here.

Paleontologists and geologists alike finds such environment a good place to conduct their research or studies. Another thing that people should know about the desert in Big Bend National Park is that it’s full of fossils. These fossils includes the tertiary and cretaceous periods. Also, it’s already been proven that the Big Bend National Park has historic structures in it that’s considered to be about 9,000 years old already. Some are ruins, but some are still intact especially the small ones.

In a country like Texas, camping can be tough in the heat of the summer. Also, even though there’s the hot weather, there are also unpredictable rainstorm that comes every now and then and that’s just inconvenient for a lot of people. The Big Bend National Park also suffers from this kind of situation. Still, it’s known that the park has a massive range in altitude that’s estimated to be around 1,800 feet. A 7,800 feet river is also included in the park and is located near the Chisos mountains. For this reason, the Big Bend National Park can have different weather conditions depending on the current season. This is also gives out the possibility for campers and hikers to experience new adventure all throughout the year.

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